I started my career in well-being as a nutritionist and health researcher, and quickly became recognized internationally as a speaker, award-winning journalist, author and media health expert who believes that healthy living is simple – although it often isn’t easy. One of my key strengths is the ability to translate complex research into enjoyable, bite-sized pieces.

Who I am.

I have been the nutrition expert columnist for Canadian Health & Lifestyle national magazine and a popular contributor to many publications, including Alive, Remedies, Totalhealth, and Taste for Life magazines. I have been interviewed for Body + Soul, Men’s Health, Woman’s World Weekly, Vitamin Retailer, Totalhealth, Healthy Awards, Natural Solutions, Natural Foods Merchandiser, Vista and Flare magazines, and previously appeared as the health expert for TVCogeco in Burlington, Ontario.

A few years ago, I returned to graduate school to pursue my master's degree in Applied Health Sciences (Community Health). My master's thesis project explored the relationship that women at midlife have with the experience of eating. The findings were pretty exciting. (See publications based on my work here.) The academic bug bit, and I made the commitment to pursue my doctorate. My goal is learn how midlife women cope with all the expectations they encounter, and how they make choices to support their well-being. For more about my research, go here.  

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